Popular Pomeranian Mixes

The Pomeranian is an adorable toy breed alone, but they are often mixed with other breeds. Often breeders sell these mixes which can be risky since sometimes it is hard to tell a mix from a purebred. ┬áIf you are specifically looking for mixed breeds, then ask questions of the breeder about the puppy’s parents and other questions that may come up.

The most popular mixing of the Pomeranian breed is with the Chihuahua, there is even a club for this breed called the Pomchi Club of America. Of course, the American Canine Hybrid Club says that the official name of the Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix is “Chiranians.” Others call it the Pomchi, Chi-Poms respectfully. The mix of the two obviously creates a very small dog that weighs about 5 to 10 pounds full grown. Of course, there are variations with some being lighter and some being heavier.

Another popular mix of the Pomeranian is with the Yorkshire Terrier, which are known as Yoranians, though some people call them Porkies and Yorkie Poms. The Yoranians is not always a 50 percent breeding, it of course is possible, but if you want a 50 percent mix, mean one of the parents was full-blood Pom and the other full blooded Yorkie, then check with the breeder. Often you will find second and even third generation breeds.

The Pomeranian is also often bred with the Maltese and these are called Maltipom, but have other names such as Pomanees. These designer breeds, like all others may not be a 50/50 mix, therefore, it is always wise to know the breeder and know who the puppy’s parents are. Typically, the designer breed, should have characteristics of both breeds, but if they are multigenerational bred, then it is possible they may take on more of one characteristic than another.

Poodles are also a popular dog that is mixed with the Pomeranian and these are called, Pomapoos or Pooranians, poopoms, or Pom-a-Poo. The look of the puppy will vary greatly depending on the parent’s breeding.

Sometimes the Pomeranians may be bred with two different dog toy breeds. This is called crossbreeding and it is a common practice among many breeders. These types of dogs that are bred with two purebred are called designer dogs because they are purposely bred with the two breeds. While dogs that have different mixes of breeds are referred to as mutts, but then in reality, any dog is a mutt that is not a purebred.

Pomeranians are often bred with other dogs by breeders to create designer dogs for a number of reasons, but the result is often a very cute puppy. The Pomeranian is a very smart breed and extremely affectionate with their family, they are one dog that is loyal until the end.

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